What is Web Hosting? Top 4 Web Hosting Providers

If you want to blog. So you should be well aware of Domain Name, Website Hosting, and all these services. I also didn’t know much about Web Hosting when I became a new Blogger so I learned a lot about it from Pro Blogger and YouTube Videos, and read and gained a lot of Web Hosting Reviews from myself.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service which online stores the data and manages in one place Servers are nothing but a computer (High Configuration Computer). Which is always on 24/7 Whenever a visitor searches for something on the Internet, he is shown results by as many search engines as possible on the Internet. They are all connected to some of the other servers For Example: If you search on your Internet “Web Hosting in discount” then all the results that will show you, they will be connected to some server and Google will start seeing the result of Web Hosting latest discount offer from millions of such servers.

What is Web Hosting

Larger organizations have their own Web Server, where they host their Website. But who is Blogger or Small Organizations? They can’t even create their own Web Server. Because Web Server Setup & Maintenance costs a lot.

So there are some Hosting Providers, who provide Hosting Service for Bloggers by taking payment Such as

  1. Bluehost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Hostgator
  4. Bigrock

How Does Web Hosting Work?

This allows you to create a Web Server (Web Storage) for your Blog, Website on the Internet. Where all the data of your website/blog will be saved and whenever someone visits your blog/website. Then the Hosting Server will show the Data or Post of your Blog / Website to that Visitor.

Web Hosting can be used in 2 ways and its Services can be put to good use. Host your Website, Blog by creating your own Web Hosting Server – It costs a lot to create your own Web Hosting Server. Therefore this type of service is used only by big organizations like Google, Facebook, Flipkart, Twitter. There are very few small organizations that can do this with their own Web Hosting Server.

Host your Website, Blog in another Web Hosting Server – As I mentioned earlier, there are many Online Service Providers who provide Hosting Service. All Bloggers and Small Organizations use all these Services

Web Hosting Type

There are many types like Cloud hosting, VPS Hosting. But especially Web Hosting has been divided into 2 parts. Which is as follows.

Web Hosting Free Service Providers:

  • Blogger.com
  • Wix.com
  • Weebly.com
  • Byehost.com
  • Webnode

Blogger.com is the best for free because here you get Fee Unlimited Storage & Domain Hosting for both Subdomain & Custom Domain. If you use Blogger.

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If you are New in the Blogging field than I always recommend you that Use Blogger.com it is totally free for all, but if you have some good budgets than definitely, you should go with Hosting and create your blog website on WordPress.

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