What is the Bounce Rate?

Hello friends, today we have brought a very important subject for you. Today we will tell you that what is bounce rate? If you are a blogger or want to start blogging, then this topic is very important for you. Because the bounce rate plays a very big role in SEO.

If you knew today what the bounce rate is and how to reduce it? So it is very good for Blogs or websites. Because this makes engagement, real-time, ranking of your website very good. So let’s start without delay.

What is the bounce rate?

Friends, bounce rate tells us that whenever a visitor comes to your blog or website and he goes back after staying in just one page, ur is where bounce rate goes. Keeping this process in mind, every Blog or website shows how many visitors go back after coming to the same page.


Friends I hope that you know what is the bound rate. But now we talk about it in depth. Now suppose that the voice rate of your blog or website is 60 percent. So this means that 60 percent of all the visitors of your month who visit your blog are people who have gone back after seeing only one page in your blog.

How does bounce rate work?

Friends if you have a blog the bounce rate of the website is high, it is not right for your blog and you at all.

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High quality content

Friends whether you write an article 2000 word or 5000 errors for your blog unless your article does not have quality content then it will not be of any use. Always have to write such an article, so that answers to all the questions of the person can be found in the same language in the same article.

Blog speed

Friends you always have to keep the speed of your blog or website above 90+. For this, you should get good hosting for your blog, you should never use cheap hosting, others all the hard work done on your blog will be spoiled. Also, you have to use a lightweight theme, like Astra, generate press.

Internal linking

This point is very important to reduce the bounce rate. You always have to do internal linking in all your article. That is one article. So that whenever a visitor will find your article and he likes your article very much, then the internal linking find by you will also make your other article.

Website article

Friends you always have to make the design of your blog or website very good and attractive. Because whenever any visitor comes to your blog, then there is a lot of impact on how your looks. You have to make your blog completely mobile friendly and user friendly.

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