What is keyword research and how to do it?

If you’re a YouTuber or a blogger then you must know what keyword research is? Without keyword research, it is impossible to rank the article in Google.

Doing keyword research is not so difficult, just choosing the right keyword is important as this keyword will change your entire blogging career ahead.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research means finding the most searched topics on Google. You have to find the related keyword on the niche your blog is on and if you manage to get a good keyword then your article will definitely rank on Google.

What is keyword research and how to do it

And if you choose such keywords whose searches are less, then this keyword is of no use to SEO. Even if you write a good article on it then too your article will not rank better.

Three Types of Keywords

Short tail keyword

You may have come to know by the term that this is a short keyword, in which only one word is targeted such as ‘Money’, ‘SEO’, ‘Technology’ etc. Their volume search is very high.

Middle tail keyword

In this type of keyword, a keyword is formed by mixing two words together and it is created like ‘ Blogging Tips’, ‘Weight Loss’, etc. Its searches are slightly less than the short tail keyword and the competition is comparatively less. Somehow, it takes a bit of time to rank.

Long tail keyword

It is the combination of more than 2 words and comes up as a keyword, which is easier to rank in Google than other keywords. All we need to do is to write a good article on such keywords. If you want to bring more traffic to your blog, then you can use the Long Tail keywords. The competition between these types of keywords is also less.

What are the benefits of keyword research?

If you write articles by doing keyword research, then your chances of ranking in Google increases. Choosing a good keyword will bring a lot of traffic to your blog and ultimately it will earn more from the AdSense.

The biggest advantage of keyword research is that whenever you do keyword research, you get more keywords related to that keyword and if we place them properly in our article, then our article will rank quickly.

In such a blog you can earn good money by giving Affiliate Links.

How to do keyword research?

Whenever you search a keyword, then see how many of its searches are there and then its competition is high or low. Because there are many articles already made on those keywords with higher competition, so it is difficult to rank them.

Rather, targeting those keywords which have lower competition increases the chances of ranking our blog because there are not many articles on that keyword. You should take advantage of this and write a good article and post on the same keyword.

Top 4 Keyword research tool

There are many tools of keyword research available in the market. Those are as follows:

SEMrush And Ahref

These SEO tools are all used by professional bloggers. Because this tool gives us more than 100 keywords instead of one keyword and gives information about their search volume and competitiveness. All you need to do is to enter that keyword in the search bar and this tool will pull the entire history of that keyword on the screen.


This is a free SEO tool where you can easily search keywords. Whenever you do keyword research here, always remember that the keyword difficulty should be less than 20 and the search volume should be more than 2000.

Google Keyword Planner

If you are a new blogger or YouTuber, then you must use this tool. Because this tool is from Google and therefore it shows the exact result of all the searches that are done on Google. The advantage of this tool is that on searching a keyword, we get more than 200 long-tail keywords.

Keyword Everywhere

This tool is absolutely free, all you have to do is to extend this tool in the browser so that when you search a keyword on Google, it shows you multiple keywords on the right side and you can put those keywords in your article.

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Blogging has become much easier nowadays. Therefore, the must-do condition is to make it effective and properly working as improper implementation and improper management could be fruitless and nothing. Hence, this blog has been designed for the same so that a beginner should take care of the things while blogging. For more do Subscribe, share, and of course, keep visiting.

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