What is an Email?

Email is widely used for every official and unofficial purpose and it’s used for bill receipts and resume sharing for the job purpose. To run an Android phone, an email is a must hence, everyone with a smartphone has an email.

What is an email?

E-mail is an electronic mail. It’s just the same as the mail used to be sent way back in past as an old school method of reaching everyone. The same is this thing just made digitalized over electronic devices hence it’s been given the name. Similar to the regular mail, an email contains take care messages, invitations, offer letters, job appointments, etc depends on the way of use. But apart from it as it’s electronic, we can add pictures, attach documents, or links of anything we prefer to share. This email can be accessed over computers, tablets or smartphones, etc.

What is an email id?

Just similar to the UID that’s a unique identification number, the email is also unique which isn’t the same at all on one platform. It’s always unique. The accuracy is maintained. There are many email service providers like Google, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, Protonmail. In general, people prefer using Google’s mail that’s Gmail.

History of email

The first message sent was “QWERTYUIOP”. It’s nothing but the alphabet letters on the first line of a qwerty keyboard. Today, an email can be sent to anyone at any time in one click to any part of the world. The technology has progressed so much that an email feels like a simple thing. A few years ago, it used to a wondering feature.

Interesting facts about Email

Today, about 205 billion emails are sent every day. According to the data in 2019, the figure was 246 billion. It is seen that when people create an email id, the most common password is 123456 or keep their mobile number as people do not interest, and don’t worry too.

It was the year 1991 when an email was sent from the space for the first time. The crew members of the STS-Atlantis aircraft shuttle sent messages using Apple’s Applink software. According to the data, the email users in 2019 are 2.9 billion.

How to write and send an email?

We should mention the email address of an individual receiving the email. We can also add Cc(carbon copy) to the recipients receiving indirectly just like if in case the thing is to be in their knowledge. Cc isn’t compulsory, if it doesn’t exist then leaving blank isn’t worth worrying about.

It’s the kind of topic or the concern, based on which an email is written. It’s must to be written for giving a short idea of what an email is all about. The message body consists of good constructive elements in which concern about a topic is expressed.


In this blog, we have gone through the content about email and how to compose one. Here all the information regarding the same is given. Keep visiting for regular updates.

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