To become a successful blogger Top 10 blogging tips?

Today we are going to give you very special information, today everyone wants a blogger to rank his blog and increase high traffic on it, but we are going to give you information today. With the help of which you can see your blog well and with its proper use, you can also get good traffic on your blog.

We are going to tell you some such tools with that you can optimize your blog and we can give you the tools that are telling us are absolutely free, all new and old bloggers can use it.

So let’s begin without any delay.

Top 10 Blogging Tools to Become a successful blogger

To be a successful blogger, You all need some useful tools in your blogging, so friends, let us know what these tools are to become a successful blogger.

Top 10 Blogging Tools to Become a successful blogger

Google trends

If you want to bring high traffic to your blog as soon as possible, then this is a very good tool for you in this is a very good tool for you, in this, you will get all those topics which are currently in trending and are being searched by most people if you write an article on the same topic. And if it is ranked, then you can get lakhs of traffic in a day, to see the trading topic, these are the best blogging tools.

Google keywords planner

Keywords are very important to rank your articles on google since your blog Post is indexed faster when you will choose a perfect low competition keyword then your post will be ranked by that you will also get high-quality traffic.

In this you can see high, medium, low computation keywords by filtering and you can also take keywords from the country in which you want to rank your post.

Impact blog title

To rank your blog and post title for high traffic and heading has a big role, with the help of this told you can create a great title for your blog article.


It is very important to put an image in your blog, but if you put a photo from Google in the blog, then you can also get the copyright, but you can download a high-quality image from pixabay and put it in the blog, here you can get millions of photos.


To be a successful blogger, the Grammarly tool is very important for you because in this you get Grammarly spelling, punctuation, alternatives, etc to see and you can fix grammar mistakes of your blog article.


This is a great tool for social media management with the help of this, you can manage many social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc dashboard here and you can schedule your every post here together on your social media accounts post share can do.

Google analytics

To become a successful blogger, it is very important that they keep an eye on the activities of their blog and for this these tools are very good, so that you can keep an eye on all your post very easily, along with you bounce rate, traffic, many features like keywords, country, real-time view are available in free.


If you want a good rank, it is important to have blog fast-loading, but you know that when you create an image and upload it directly, then the size of that image is very large, due to which the blog is very slow loading, but your compressor with the help of your images you can reduce the size without spoiling the quality.

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This is one of the best tools for image compressors and most bloggers do image compressors with the help of compressors.

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