How to Increase Blog Traffic?

If you are a blogger then the biggest problem is how do we bring traffic to our blog? Let me tell you that Every newbie blogger has to face No Blog Traffic Problems. Because it is easy to create new blog traffic to it. Keeping this difficult to bring traffic to it. Keeping this in view, today we will tell you how to increase Blog traffic.

I will tell you such Best SEO friendly ways with which you can help you to bring traffic to your blog. And the best thing ever is you do not have to spend any money to get blog traffic, all these methods are completely free. The only thing is that you have to do Regular work on your blog. So let’s start this our blog article about how to increase blog traffic in 2020.

How to increase Blog traffic?

As I want to tell you that now all the ways that I am going to tell you, You just need yo apply them for your blog. So you have to carefully watch all the information and videos we have told with concentration.

How to increase blog traffic


If you make good and high-quality backlinks for your blog, then this increases the authority of your blog on the website very quickly. Your blog’s identity starts to grow and traffic from different websites also comes to our blog through backlinks.

Keyword research

The newbie blogger makes the same mistake that he always puts an article on any topic on his blog by writing it without having the proper keyword research. Which is very wrong. So you have to do keywords research first.

You should always use keywords related to your topic. Because when our blog is new, it neither has any identity not it’s authority. That is why the short tail is not able to rank on keywords. For this reason, with the help of any till, you have to find the long-tail keywords and work on them.

Long Tail Keywords

Because in long-tail keywords we can quickly rank Google very easily. So that the traffic on our blog will come very easily and then gradually your article will start to rank on short-tail keywords as well.

Friends, if you do not know how to do keywords research for Hindi Blog. So in the video below, we have told you how to do keywords research on any topic. You can also adopt this method for keyword research of the English Blog.

Social media platforms

Friends this is a great way to increase your blog ki traffic. One post has to be shared on all social media in one day. Also, you can create your social media account handle name in the name of the blog.

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Social bookmarking site

The best way to increase traffic on the blog is a social bookmarking site. Yes on these websites you can share the consent of your post and upload it by giving a link to that post on your website.

The special thing about the social bookmarking site is that any post you put on the social bookmarking website easily ranks in Google. With the help of which, organic traffic also comes in the post of your social bookmarking account, and then people come to your blog or website by clicking on your link given in the post.

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